Cash Rewards for App Discovery

3,000,000 members, active members earn $25+ a week.

Get paid every Saturday.

How does Showbox work?

You go to Showbox home page and will see a list of offers (most of them are fun games and useful apps).

You download the app which you are interested and play for a while.

You get CASH-POINTS for each app you downloaded. You use the POINTS to cash out, top-up phone bill or redeem gift cards.

Get awesome rewards

There are many rewards to treat yourself.

There will be more and more coming!

"It's cool that you could earn some points to redeem cash while exploring new apps!

This is the art of Showbox!

Really appreciate what Showbox guys did to make this possible!"

- Emma W.

"I never thought that trying new apps could also be the way getting points to redeem cash gift cards until I knew Showbox from a friend.

That's awesome to have Showbox to have Showbox and thank you guys."

- Tom H.

Ready to get onboard?

Start your Cash Rewards Journey today by downloading apps recommended by Showbox.

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